Yes, well arrived, I look for you for years, I try to interpret that imposed emptiness.
An uncomfortable darkness, made up of fears and shadows, of truths that have become heresies,
of fables that have become dogmas.
Deprived of the soul.
Red Mary, dressed in red, a saint with many contrasting faces.
Disciple, lover, mother, friend, sister, counselor, Mater, Mathera.
Symbol of redemption … witness.

Mary of Magdala, according to the Gospels, was present both at death and at the burial of Jesus
and is considered the first witness of the resurrection of Jesus.
In 951 Pope Gregory I stated that Mary of Magdala was a prostitute,
an erroneous judgment that survives to this day.
In 2016, Mary Magdalene was finally recognized by the Vatican
as “the apostle of the apostles”, their equal, and first message of the risen Christ.